• January 18, 2021
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Attracting Women with Confidence Online Dating

Attracting Women with Confidence – Easier Said than Done

I must have read at least a hundred dating advice articles that tell guys a very obvious thing. Attracting women is a lot easier if you have confidence. The dating advice is simple: BE CONFIDENT. Oh, it’s that easy, is it? One day I am a nervous, shy guy, and the next I am going […]

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Reluctant Apologizer Relationship Advice

The High Road: A Guide For The Reluctant Apologizer

So you’ve had some time to think about it . . . to release at least some of that anger and reevaluate whatever it was that sparked your big fight. You still know she was in the wrong, but you can see where you were, too. Like it or not, you know it’s time to […]

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The Disappearing Act Online Dating

The Disappearing Act: When Your Online Match Stops Communicating

You think things are going pretty well.  You’ve exchanged several messages with someone who seems like a perfect match and you’re beginning to see real potential.  Then, for no clear reason, communication stops.  Your last message remains unanswered for days, weeks, months.  You can’t imagine what went wrong . . . and you can’t stop […]

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Relationship Advice Relationship Advice

Keeping It Cozy: Winter Date Ideas

It may be getting a little too chilly for romantic picnics in the park, but winter offers its own options for fun and cozy dates.  Whether you’re looking to add a little spice to a long-term romance or wanting to ignite a brand new flame, here are some date ideas to inspire a little wintertime […]

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Polished Profile Online Dating

Your Super Simple Guide To A Polished Profile

It’s true: plenty of sloppy writers have found true love online.  Nevertheless, it’s always in your best interest to put your best foot forward.  A profile riddled with grammatical errors is like a man who shows up to speed dating in a wrinkled shirt and flip-flops; it doesn’t kill your chances, but it does make […]

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Online Dating Rejection Online Dating

How to Handle Online Dating Rejection

Online Dating Rejection is No Big Deal There has been much written about the terrible emotional trauma associated with rejection. This can cause irreparable and harmful scarring to the psyche … (HANG ON! screechy sound of needle tearing across vinyl record) … In the world of online dating, there is no room for crying and […]

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Internet Dating Profile Advice for Singles

How to Make Your Internet Dating Profile Work for You

Okay, you have taken the big plunge and joined an online dating service. Your heart has stopped pounding and you can take a few, relaxing breaths. But wait! The job is only beginning. Now you have to approach the dreaded “profile forms”, and telling the world all about yourself is never much fun. But it […]

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Online Dating Profile Online Dating

How to Write an Online Dating Profile Using Professional Help

When you are beginning your online dating adventures – perhaps after a bitter divorce or a failed relationship with a  woman, or even if you are just looking for some new excitement in your life – you might like to try using a professional dating coach or someone with a bit of professional experience to […]

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