July 23, 2024
Online Dating Mistakes

Once you decide to embark on an Internet dating adventure, you will certainly start to make a few mistakes in the early stages.

And guess what? That’s okay.

In everyday life we make plenty of mistakes – it is all part of that amazing process we call learning.

The real problem arises when guys keep making the same errors, over and over again, without learning anything valuable from the experience.

Let’s assume you keep getting rejected by women. What do you do? Keep sending out the same initial contact messages and leave your profile as sucky as it was before? Well, if that’s the case, then you are doomed to online dating failure in a big way.

The secret, as with all things in life, is to strike a balance.

Have a look at your profile. Is it bland? Is your profile photo flattering? If you are unsure, get a really good female friend to have a look and tell you whether she would respond if she saw such a profile. Also show her some of the messages you have been sending out to potential dates.

If her face turns green and she starts vomiting, then it’s time to make a few changes. There is lots of valuable advice in my e-book about great profile structure and content, plus effective initial dating contact messages. Read it and LEARN!

If you go on one of the online dating chat services that has lots of people participating at the same time – look at which guys are getting all the attention. Then have a look at these men’s profiles. You will be amazed at the effort and work they have put in to make themselves appear interesting and desirable to women. Feel free to use some of this material (don’t copy it – just use it as a general guide) on your own profile.

Another important thing – just like you probably do on Facebook or other social media – keep it fresh and updated. If you have been on a trip recently, seen a great movie and loved it – mention this in your profile to get a little more interest from the women browsing the men’s dating profiles.

Another learning curve – did you try a free dating website and find out there was no interest in you? Did it make you feel like a worthless zero?

Well, don’t despair – you are statistically going to do a lot worse on free dating sites than on the professionally run, pay dating sites. It’s just a fact of life. I’ve learned this the hard way – spent useless hours of my life sending messages to women who didn’t even exist.

The free dating services make their money from advertising alone. There are no membership fees, so the site is more of a public notice board than anything else. You may as well go back to the pub to try and meet women. As I said, I learned a big lesson from this mistake of mine – you don’t have to. Unless you are a masochist, in which case – go ahead!

So, in summary, when things don’t work, try something else. Doing the same stuff that brings poor or no results is very bad online dating tactics!

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