July 23, 2024
Dating Profile

Killer dating profiles are often cited as being the fundamental key to online dating success.

And this is for a very good reason. You Internet dating profile is like your business card, or even work resume. In this section of your chosen dating website you need to describe yourself in the best possible way to attract the best responses from women you target.

Now, sometimes guys get so frightened of this aspect of the dating game, that they neglect to give it the full attention it deserves. Sometimes men act like the kid at school who knows all the right answers but doesn’t put his hand up in case all the other kids think he is a show off. This transfers as guys online trying not to appear too arrogant and cocky.

To an extent, you do have to reign it in a little bit. You cannot claim to the world that you are the greatest thing since sliced bread and God’s gift to women. Women appreciate a bit of modesty in their guys, but also you must demonstrate confidence in who you are as a person. If you come across as all insecure and weak, no women will respond to you.

Some of the finer points of creating a killer dating profile are answered in this article.

But here I will add three fantastic online dating tips for men that will give your dating profile that secret boost to get you ahead of the pack.

Pay for a professional photo shoot

Not only will you have something cool to put on your dating profile, you can also use these photos for other purposes in your life (job applications etc). You may think holding your mobile phone at arm’s length and snapping a goofy shot will be good enough – believe me, it won’t.

Cheat off the other guys

Have a look at the profiles of some of your competition. You will be inspired by some of these. And, you will also get a good laugh at some of the super lame profiles guys put on dating websites. There are some very poor ones that will put you in hysterics. Download my e-book for some classic examples.

Be flexible

The great thing about the internet is its flexibility. In other words, you can always go back to your profile and change it around a little bit. It’s not like an advertisement in the local newspaper’s personal section, where it cannot be changed once the paper hits the presses. Online means changeable! If your laid back, shy guy approach is having little impact, step up the confident guy attitude. Sometimes the mood of your photograph needs to be paired to the descriptive part of your profile. In other words, if you are standing in a tough-guy pose, a timid text descritipn will seem at odds with the visual representation of you as a man.

So, try all of the above and see how much your online dating success rate improves!

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