April 19, 2024
Online Dating Success

Drop Your Expectations a Little for Better Online Dating Success

Okay, you are not meeting the beautiful, nymphomaniac babes you were expecting?

Time for a quick reality check, my friend. Please take an honest look at yourself in the mirror.

Do you often get mistaken for Brad Pitt? No? Maybe Shrek is a better look-a-like for you.

In that case, take a leaf out of Cam Langdon’s book.

When I was going through a bit of a dry spell with the ladies on my favorite online dating sites, it suddenly came to me that I was trying to bat above my average – playing out of my little league division.

I had a look at the women I was seeking, and woke up to the realization that the hot babes I was targeting were Super Model material, whereas I am Super Mario material! They were years younger than me and hot, hot, hot! Don’t get me wrong, you can score with younger, beautiful women, but this takes more effort. And Cam does not like expending effort wherever possible.

So, what to do?


Ease off the pedal, and set your target on the more average-looking women. The bonus – and it is a huge bonus – is the homely chicks are usually more likely to put out, give plenty of blow jobs and do all sorts of kinky stuff. It’s a statistical given, believe me.

Don’t believe what you see on porn, where the kinky women are also beautiful. That’s not reality, guys. It’s Hollywood with Hard Ons!

Don’t believe me? Just scroll through some of their profiles and see how many different and varied sexual activities these average looking females have ticked the boxes on. Anal – yes, oral – yes, bi -yes. It goes on and on!

Another great online dating tip for men in this regard is as follows: go for women who have been members for some time. Years, maybe. If these women are so committed to the online dating site, then they are likely to respond quickly and eagerly to well-structured and designed messages and nice profiles of guys – whatever they look like. It’s true – I’ve been there and done it.

Once I was seeing three quite chubby women from all over town at the same time. I even introduced two of them to each other, and the three of us had a great private MFF party at my little apartment one balmy evening.

So, unless you are a millionaire or billionaire, you are more likely to get lucky with average-looking girls via online dating. But, what they will do for you makes it all worth while!

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