July 23, 2024
Dating for Men

Internet dating for Baby Boomers is exploding – there are many thousands of women and men from the Baby Boomer generation looking for relationships  on Internet dating sites. More are joining up with online dating websites every day.

But what are the basic things you need to know before startingonline dating?

Firstly, we need toanswer: What exactly is a Baby Boomer?

Usually, this is someone born after the second world war, starting 1946 and ending 1964. The oldest members of this generation would now be in their mid 60′s, and the youngest in their mid 40s’. This is a big age spread, and giving the same types of behavior – dating and other – to people covering this range is wrong. There is a huge generation gap even within this bracket!

It is thought there was a huge explosion in the birth rate after the war as horny GIs returned. The result – many babies.

Nevertheless, when it comes to online dating, these Boomers are going to behave differently to Gen X, Gen Y and all the other waves of new younger people. They have outgrown their wilder partying days (but boy, did they know how to party when they were younger!), and are more restrained in their attitudes toward love, life and even sex.

The general guidelines about safety for all online dating aspirants hold true for Boomers, but perhaps even to a greater degree. The more mature generation is perhaps less aware of the dangers of cyber crimes, identity theft and so on.

So, here are the top online dating tips for Internet security:

  • Do not divulge ANY personal information before you have established a real offline relationship with a person (bank account details, home phone, credit card, address etc).
  • Make sure your first meeting in the real world happens in a place where there are plenty of other folks around. This applies especially to women.
  • Be aware that there are scams to lure people into joining dating sites with “robots”, special programs to imitate real people with genuine-sounding conversations and clever pretend flirting. But, if you are paying close attention, you can spot these as fakes.
  • Mature men need to be aware of the phenomenon of the “sugar-daddy hunter”. If a seemingly younger girl starts flattering your ego, alarm bells should start ringing. This is especially true if she contacts you first. It may be the real deal, but be doubly careful.

There are special dating websites dedicated to members of the Baby Boomer generation – you may feel more comfortable seeking companionship with women and men of similar ages and interests.

But there is no need to limit yourself to these, because there are many great mainstream dating services with members of all ages, sizes, colors and creeds. You may like to expand your possibilities by joining one of these

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