July 23, 2024
Great Online Dating Tips for Men

Online Dating Advice for Guys Who Want a Local Gal

Some guys just want to meet a “girl next door type”. You now, the girl you always wanted to introduce to your mother. Trouble is, the actual girl who lived next door was ugly as hell, fat and smelled like a skunk.

That’s where Internet dating comes to the rescue.

There may be hundreds of beautiful, single, separated or divorced women within several blocks of where you live. But unless you go knocking on doors – which is very creepy – how are you going to meet these women?

You could always put an ad in the personals section of the local newspaper. Or you could spend night after empty night cruising the local bars looking for your dream woman. But that is too time consuming, boring and expensive, right?

What to do?

The answer is clear – Online Dating.

Once you join the dating website of your choice, you can narrow the field down to women who live in your immediate vicinity. To me, this limits the possibilities too much. However, there are many men who could not be bothered getting into their cars or jumping on a bus to meet a woman a little further away. Fair enough, you lazy bastards!

So, when you are searching online – browsing through the dating profiles of all the women in your local area – you can specify what type of woman you are looking for in addition to the geographical requirement.

Be patient and target all the local women that take your fancy.

If you follow all the tips for men using online dating I have laid down clearly in my free e-book, and also sprinkled liberally around this website in an abundance of great and informative international dating articles, you will be snuggling up to that wonderful “girl next door” type in next to no time!

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