June 15, 2024
First Date

The question of who pays for the first date is a vexing one. Should the man pay, the woman, or should the bill always be split?

Traditionally, it has been the man who pays for the drinks and dinner, but increasingly the tide is turning. Yes, it would be unusual for a statistical study to show that, suddenly, it was women who were dominating the results as date sponsers.

But, a UK study has shown that women are expecting that they will have to make a significant contribution to the date – or at least pay for what they have drunk and eaten. A dating extension of the “user pays” economic principle!

In the British survey, just a tad over half of female respondents said they always paid for their share. Interestingly, about 15% of women thought the person who proposed the date should pay for the lot.

On the male side of things – only a third of men thought the bill should be split. Most guys hold the traditional line of thinking that it should be the man who pays for the date.

In my vast experience, women very rarely offer to pay the entire bill at a bar or restaurant. In fact, in all my dating experience, it has never happened. Sure, bills have been shared (down the middle, or according to what was consumed etc), but a woman has never said, “Put your wallet away. I’ll get it!”

I’m not saying this never happens in the real world, but just never to me. Actually, if it ever did, I have to say pride would never let me accept. Even if she made a ton more money than me and was filthy rich, it would feel like taking charity. Dumb, yeah, but that’s the way it goes.

Having spoken to plenty of other guys about this very topic, I was not surprised to learn that the sentiment of “man should always pay no matter what”, is widely shared among the male population, at least in Australia. The only time most guys would let a woman spot for the bill would be if she was their mother, grandmother, aunty or sister!

In your online dating, you might like to ask some women what their feelings are about this issue. Don’t ask women you are really keen on and plan to date – your Internet dating success will be much greater if you are prepared to pay for all your dates. It shows the woman that you want her experience to be as special as possible. If the date turns out to be only average, do you want her lasting memory to be of you as a cheap bastard who doesn’t pay?

Didn’t think so.

And guess what?

These women who you date will spread the word that you are too stingy to pay for dates. That will give you a negative reputation on the dating websites you use; you do not want this under any circumstances. Women love to gossip among themselves everywhere – and Internet datng sites are no different, bro! She will dish the dirt on you to any female who will listen.

So, in summary. Be prepared and willing to spring for the entire bill on your dates. Just keep an eye on any women who seem to go straight for the most expensive items on the menu and drinks list. If she orders Moet and caviar and your credit card is maxed out, be prepared to do a runner!

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