June 15, 2024
Online Dating and Married Women

Are Married Women Worth Targeting Through Internet Dating?

If you want to experience some amazing sexual adventures, then you may have thought about chasing married women. Their motivation for joining online dating services is never open to question. If they are married and available on an Internet dating service, they are clearly after sex. And that sounds very appealing to you, doesn’t it?

They have a man, but they are not happy with him. Especially when it comes to sex. So, they look for something better to enjoy in bed via Internet dating sites.

However, there are certain big dangers and problems associated with this:

  • jealous husband
  • violent husband
  • maintaining a low profile
  • getting caught by her children, who inform the husband

If you have a sense of adventure and are unafraid of the potential outcomes of dealing with a jealous and possibly violent husband, then go for the married women. It is worth bearing in mind, however, that some of these online dalliances have ended very badly for one or all parties involved.

There are dating websites totally devoted to the challenge of promoting infidelity. They like to use the code-phrase “married, but looking”. Some of them offer advice about “covering your tracks”, e.g. no digital pictures, delete all your dirty texts and so on.

In Cam’s view, chasing married women might be an adrenalin rush, but getting caught is probably not worth the risk for you. If you are single, the risk is less, but you still may be party to wrecking some people’s lives just to get your rocks off.

The exception to this is an increasing phenomenon: there are guys out there who love their wives and girlfriends, but for health reasons can no longer perform sexually. Sometimes, they will allow you to “service” their women, just to make sure the ladies are getting their share of sex. At least this way, things are out in the open, and you don’t run the risk of a jealous husband doing some physical damage to you.

The best women to target via online dating are: single, separated, divorced and widowed. The married ones are just too much trouble!

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