May 30, 2024
Predatory Women on the Internet

How Not to Get Scammed by Women on the Internet

It only takes a little bit of awareness while you are online to prevent yourself being scammed or otherwise harmed by dishonest women.

Unfortunately, there is a small number of women online who are looking to rip you off. Three of the most obvious telltale signs are:

  • An extremely young and attractive woman contacts you out of the blue
  • You start getting sexy messages from unknown women
  • You see pop-ups with sexy messages from girls “in your location” (unlikely).

As a general word of advice, if you haven’t initiated the contact, and unless you are a Brad Pitt lookalike, then this could very well be a robot or other computer generated scam.

Or, even worse, it could be a real woman being paid peanuts by adult dating site operators to tease guys and take their money and, eventually, their confidence and self-respect.

Also, if you get contact by a female much younger than you, be cautious immediately. That one smells fishy straight away!

If you are on a smaller online dating site and this happens, ignore it or make a complaint to the website owners. If they take their business seriously, they will stamp out the problem.

If they are not, then you need to quit your membership and sign up with on of the big two – AdultMatchMaker (in Australia) or AdultFriendFinder (everywhere else).

Under no circumstances should you give out the following information via an online dating site to a woman you have never met before:

  • address
  • phone number
  • private email
  • bank account
  • credit card number
  • any other personal information

Sometimes those offshore,  Nigerian type banking scams can even penetrate online dating sites, so keep your wits about you at all times.

My number one dating tip for men regarding possible scams from women is this:

Don’t reply to anything that makes you have to think twice. Especially if you get a contact from nowhere that was not initiated by you.

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