July 23, 2024
Cam’s Guide

Let’s assume you are meeting a woman in the real world for the first time who you have been chatting to online for a while. You are keen to have sex with her because the online dating chat between the two of you has been of a flirtatious nature. Clearly, you have read my article on how to flirt online, right? But, the topic of sex has not come up for some reason or other. Yes, you and she have danced around the subject without actually discussing the tricky issue of “shall we have sex on the first date”.

If the above subject of the two of you having sex on the first date (or close to it) has come up and the two of you are creaming your pants in anticipation, then read no further. You are on the home straight.

This article is for the procrastinators among you. Those who have not had the balls to ask her straight out online like you should have. Cam’s sex tip for getting the quickest trip to your date’s panties is to be up front. Ask her straight away.

But, Cam understands in his wisdom that some guys are shy and need more time to warm up – both themselves and their dates.

In your efforts to get her to agree to have sex with you on the first date or soon after it, give her plenty of hints at your intentions. Even if you haven’t had many dates through a particular online dating website, tell her you have met quite a few girls already. Let her know that she is not the first girl to take your fancy. If she gets the psychological upper hand and knows you are a dating novice, chances are she will seek to gain control of your relationship, such that it is on a first date.

Work out her Intentions

  1. Tell a slightly rude joke. Don’t go over the top with something obscene. Try one that you would hear on the television or somewhere else mainstream. Not on one of your favourite blokes’ semi-porn websites. Yes, some of these dirty jokes are cool to tell to your friends, but perhaps not to a woman whose interest in sex you are gauging for the first time.
  2. Depending on her reaction to this joke, you will have a better idea of her mind-set. If she laughs and bats her eyes at you, ask her if she can tell one. Dare her to go a little further in the level of rudeness. If she tells you in return a joke about a midget lesbian who gets off with a transvestite and has squirting orgasms – you are in luck. This girl has a dirty mind, and you have a good chance of getting your end in tonight. If she refuses to tell a bawdy joke, then the chances of no sex for you are greater. If she tells you that your slightly off-colour humor was offensive, then this woman is probably a virginal prude who has never seen a penis in her life. In this case – pay the bill and run away!
  3. Try and sneak a kiss at the first opportunity. If she is reluctant to respond with the same enthusiasm as you display, maybe she needs more work. If she flat out refuses to kiss you – even a chaste peck on the lips with no tongue involved – then the odds aren’t looking great. If, on the other hand, she starts playing tonsil hockey with you, I hope you have packed the condoms.

Some guys love the thrill of the chase. Maybe you are one of them. I, on the other hand, am getting too old to be bothered with all the fuss. Cam’s sex approach is to be blunt and direct at the “getting to know you” stage online. That way, no time is wasted. And these days, when most people would rather stare into the screen of their iPhone than look you in the eye, time is more precious than ever.

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