May 30, 2024
Online Dating Rejection

Online Dating Rejection is No Big Deal

There has been much written about the terrible emotional trauma associated with rejection. This can cause irreparable and harmful scarring to the psyche … (HANG ON! screechy sound of needle tearing across vinyl record) …

In the world of online dating, there is no room for crying and moaning about being rejected.

It’s gonna happen, my friend.

My number one online dating tip for men when it comes to dealing with rejection is as follows:

Suck it up, Princess! Move on to the next one.

See how easy it is?

My online dating advice can be summed up as playing it like a numbers game. Employ a scatter-gun approach.

I’m no advocate of soppy, romantic dating sites, but one of them hits the nail on the head with its very name. Yes, there are plenty of fish in the sea! Many grains of sand on the beach .. blah, blah.

But, honestly, some of the bigger, well-established online dating sites with solid reputations are literally TEEMING with women. One rejects you – calls you a loser and tells you to drop dead – no big deal!

There are many millions of other women out there willing to give you a turn. Yes, even willing to have sex with you, no matter what you look like!

You just have to keep digging around until you find those gems in the slurry pile of women’s online dating profiles.

In practical terms, look at why you are being rejected – and, very important – by what kind of woman?

Maybe your profile sucks (fix it), your pictures are terrible (change them), your approaches to women are crap (read my advice on the subject).

Perhaps your expectations are unreasonable. You are 50 years old, fat and barely making a living. She is 25, hot and a successful businesswoman. It’s awful to admit, but maybe this type of woman is not going to respond to you no matter what you do. Guaranteed rejection. In such a case, look for females close to your own age, perhaps widowed, not physically in their prime, maybe living in a poorer area.

You getting the message? It can be like oil and water getting the mix right personality wise with women and men.

Therefore, you have to learn to deal wit the inevitable rejections when you aim in the wrong direction.

Give yourself the best chance, and you will be getting invited around for coffee and sex more often!

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