April 19, 2024
Attracting Women with Confidence

I must have read at least a hundred dating advice articles that tell guys a very obvious thing. Attracting women is a lot easier if you have confidence. The dating advice is simple: BE CONFIDENT.

Oh, it’s that easy, is it? One day I am a nervous, shy guy, and the next I am going to ooze confidence and women will fall at my feet, right?


Sure, some men are naturally loaded with more than their fair share of confidence, and these lucky fellas never have to work at it. Their assertive personalities are natural gifts. Yes, lots of women are definitely attracted to the alpha male types who fit into the “bad boy” role. These guys usually pump lots of weights, love sport and enjoy getting on the booze with their mates. And, yes, they tend to have lots of women hanging around.

It also doesn’t hurt to be blessed with good looks, too, by the way.

Your natural reaction to this is jealousy and envy. You think, man, if only I had that guy’s confidence, then I could attract all the women in the world.

But, dude, you are nothing like the guy in the picture here with these two sexy girls. You are awkward, bumbling, shy and not blessed with good looks.

Where the fuck are you going to get that confidence from?

Actually, do you really need to be James Bond to attract women? The answer is – no way!

If you stick to online dating as a source of meeting women, make your shyness and lack of confidence an asset. Look for similarly shy and awkward girls. You know, the really geeky types who are intellectual and hate sports. Often, these chicks are lusty little vixens underneath. They even find shyness in a man a real turn on.

If you are up for it, you might even like to target a chick through online dating who has a bit of a fetish for dominating guys. You might like a super assertive girl to tell you what to do. Your reward from her could be some hot sex!

But, if you are still yearning for a change in your personality that will have you looking and acting like a confident dude, then there are some things you can do to help. You can always pick up one of those totally useless self-help books by someone like Tony Robbins. If you have the time and energy to implement all of the shit these guys spout.

I mean, do you really have time to write and readjust your bloody “goals” every day? I sure don’t…

Some of these confidence boosting tricks are as follows:

Hypnotherapy. Get some qualified and well-regarded hypnotherapist to program the bloody confidence into you. This method is easy to measure. See how much it costs you and divide it by the number of dates you are getting. If the cost-benefit ration is skewed in the hypnotherapist’s favour, cease all treatment.

Inspiring books and movies. Watch the Rocky series to see how to gain the confidence necessary to take on the world and come out a winner! The inspiration you get will have you fearlessly approaching every hot and sexy woman on the street and asking her for her phone number.

Go to the gym. Once you have gained a bit of muscle definition, you will have a degree of confidence that you never had before. When your abs are rippling and the chest is manly as all fuck, you can parade around the beach like a real cocky bastard. This dating tip is actually worth implementing – it will give you more sexual stamina if you are fit.

Get your teeth whitened. Nothing sells confidence like a gleaming, brilliant smile. The chicks can’t resist a bright, white smile. Seriously. It is a sign of unbridled health and virility.

Hang out with guys who are even wimpier than you. When you seem to be the alpha male in the crowd, the women will see you as leader of the pack. And they will throw themselves at you. Maybe.

Okay, all of the above confidence tricks seem like hard work. And hey, dental makeovers and hypnotists can really cost a packet.

My number one online dating tip to meet more women is simple and effective – target appropriately. Seek out the women who like shy guys such as you, and you will soon be up to your nuts in nerdy chicks who just want to please you.

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