June 15, 2024

I’ve been asked many times about the right time to bring up the sex question when dating women. There is no absolutely definitive answer to the dating sex question. It all depends on the women you are dating, and whether you are pursuing a woman for a long-term commitment or just casual sex and some fun.

The great thing you will learn from my free dating guide Turn Cyber Sex Into Reality is the science of targeting women online appropriately.

If it’s sex with women – and as many as you can get – that you want, there is enough advice in my Internet dating handbook to make sure you get plenty of sex.

Let’s just go over some of the main things here, and you can get more detail in the dating e-report.

Online Sex Tips

  • Target appropriately. In other words, make sure you are searching for women on adult oriented dating sites, rather than the romantic ones like eHarmony. These women are already interested in sex, and there will be very little awkwardness when you make the suggestion. Look for women who have ticked off the boxes indicating that they are into anal sex, oral sex and any other kinky sex that grabs your fancy. Believe it or not, Cam has met women online who go nuts when giving men blow jobs and being penetrated anally. Some will even initiate such acts with you – you just let it all happen. But that’s only if you target the appropriate girls.
  • Get your own profile in order. I’m not going to cover old ground here – just check my other articles about writing dating profiles on this site and also my advice contained in the ebook. Got it?
  • Spend the right amount of money. DO NOT be a CHEAPSKATE, and try to save money by purchasing minimum dating packages. Get the best deals you can afford. That way, you can use the scatter-gun approach when targetting women online (remember the “it’s a numbers game” cliche? Well, never a truer word spoken, my friends). You might get lucky with some real skanky types on free dating on Yahoo and perhaps even Craig’s List. These are the cream of the crop when it comes to your chances of hooking up with horny and sexy women on the Internet. These are precisely the sites where you will find the most young hotties, as well as more mature and sexually active MILFs and Cougars. Even women you might class as being past the cougar stage (not sure what these old women are called, but some of them are interested in having sex with younger guys right up until ages nudging the chronological stratosphere).

Of course, with offline dating, a whole different set of rules applies. This is “society”, where you may have to spend quite a bit of cash trying to impress a girl before you can get into her pants. You need to learn all of the so-called seduction techniques, etc etc. Not that there is anything wrong with chasing after a pretty girl you meet on the street or in the library (actually, the library is a great place to meet women wearing glasses who look shy but are demons in the bedroom … but I digress).

Just keep in mind that the world of adult online dating definitely offers you a more direct route to meeting sexually willing girls.

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