July 23, 2024
Be Confident Using a Free Dating Website

Free dating websites are not worth the money you pay for them.

What do you mean that doesn’t make sense? Okay, you pay nothing, that means they are worth … well, not much.

Sure, some free dating websites will lure you in with the promise that it will be easy on your pocket. They will tell you that the pay dating sites are rip-offs, and you will only become the victim of online dating frauds and scams.

Well, this is entirely false.

If you stick to the big-gun Internet dating sites that have been around for many years, you will have much more success as a man seeking women here than you will on a free site.

The reason is simple. Big dating sites treat their visitors and members like “clients”, not just freeloaders. If they did not pay their paying customers the attention they deserve, then they would have gone out of business ages ago.

As someone who has used the services of the huge Australian dating site, AdultMatchMaker, I can assure you that you will get the following:

  • a bigger range of women to choose from
  • the women on this site are quality
  • the women on AdultMatchMaker are indeed real women (not robots or backpackers pretending to be local single women looking to meet men online)
  • the money you spend will make it easy for you to find compatible women with shared interests
  • the money you spend on online dating memberships will be much less than you would spend on dates in the real world before you even got to first base.

If you are skeptical, try an experiment.

Join a bunch of free dating sites, and just one pay dating site (make sure it is a big one with a solid reputation).

You will get much better results if you are prepared to invest just a little.

Believe me, I have tried both!

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