July 23, 2024
Women and Bad Boys

The often-quoted saying that women love the bad boys is true – up to a point.

Yes, we have heard the stories of women who have befriended prisoners, for example. They fall in love with these men and sometimes even bust the jail-birds out. These women have definitely fallen for the ultimate in “Bad Boy” types.

Unfortunately, it is rare in real life that this bad boy infatuation (yes, that is what it really is – infatuation) lasts the distance. Usually, the interest passes quite soon.


Because, yes, it is great fun to party all night long, forget your responsibilities for a while and just wave a middle finger at the world. Tell society to get fucked! Awesome stuff.

In extremes, this can go on for up to about a year before these women begin to see that this is an empty experience, leading nowhere in a hurry. These relationships don’t normally last that even long, though. A few months, max, is the usual.

What the nasty Bad Boy craves is dominance over his women. Sometimes – but not always – this includes a bit of discipline. Slapping around, in other words, to keep her in her place.

In their light-headed infatuation stage, women who hook up for a joy ride with nasty Bad Boys will forgive any mistreatment (I love him, so he can do what he wants; maybe I deserve a little reminder to behave, that sort of thing).

The safer Bad Boy option, and one that can form the basis of a long-term relationship, is a toned-down version of the evil Bad Boy.

Bad Boy Lite

On the outside, Bad Boy Lite is tough, he might be a tradie type, blue collar worker or similar. He rides a noisy, high-powered motorbike and is covered in outlandish tattoos. He has a ton of piercings.

But he is NOT: a heavy drinker, a drug user and a law breaker.

His toughness is a veneer that covers a loving and caring family man. This is the Bad Boy women can handle!

This is the type who leaves his bad behavior in the bedroom, and safely locks it up under the “fantasy” heading. In other words, he might enjoy a bit of kink in bed with a willing woman, but never resorts to violence of any kind. Slap and tickle in a sexual encounter is okay for these guys, and some women love that stuff.

In the real world, it’s okay for a man to be a bit unorthodox in his behavior, and a woman will understand and even laud this.

However, you wife, girlfriend or lover really needs some assurance that you love and care for her.

You need to be a responsible adult for the relationship to stand the test of time.

In summary – it’s fine and cool to be a fantasy Bad Boy Lite. But for longevity of a relationship to be guaranteed, there must be a degree of equality, fairness and respect to temper these bad-boy elements.

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