April 19, 2024
Dating Advice for Girls

Dating advice for girls is not a subject that I’ve paid as close attention to as I have to dating advice for men. And that’s simply because my audience is male dominated.

Nevertheless, some women do read the material on this site, and it would be remiss of me to ignore our female readership altogether. Let’s give some wise and important Internet dating advice for girls. After all, they have to deal with all the predatory and creepy men out there, right?

Firstly, women have to realize that the following saying has a large degree of truth in it, and they should always bear it in mind when dating men (of any age).

“Women give sex to get love, and men give love to get sex.”

Sounds cynical doesn’t it?

But, look on the upside, girls. Even though the word sex appears twice, so does love! And, in the world of dating, we love to achieve a nice balance like that.

Kind of like the balance when you as a normal, red blooded woman want to meet men of Type A, like this sexy man.

sexy man

But you seem to attract the men that belong to Type B.

sexy guy not

Yes, it’s very sad, but that’s life. Unless you are a hot, sexy woman, or unless you have lots of money or some other quality that a hunky yet shallow bloke might be looking for, then Type B men will be the ones you will always attract, forever and ever, amen.

So, if that is too much of a bitter pill to swallow, then look at dating hot men only after plastic surgery and/or getting a lap-band put in to get rid of your excess pounds. Hey, don’t be upset with this dating advice for women, I advise men the same. In other words, rule number one is to bat within your own league. Clear?

Okay, now let’s refine the Internet dating advice for girls a bit more. Let’s get to some specifics of Internet dating, as opposed to “normal”, real-world dating.

Online Dating Profile

As usual, sell yourself. Put a positive spin on everything you write about yourself in your online dating profile. It’s okay to exaggerate, but within reason. For example, if you went to college but didn’t finish the degree, say you have “further education” – no need to mention a lack of degree. If you have a shitty job, say the best things you can about it. In other words, if you clean public toilets, say you are a “sanitary engineer” or similar. It’s possible to put a positive spin on anything – and that includes your online dating profile.

As for online dating photos – put up around 3-5 of these, and make sure they are flattering. If your goal is simply to meet a man to have lots of sex with, then slutty and sexy photos of yourself are okay. If you are looking to impress on a higher level and are looking for a longer term relationship, then keep the photos modest. It’s always a good idea to show at least one dating profile picture depicting you with a group of people. In other words, it shows you are capable of mixing with real people in the world, and are not some weird chick who stalks men on the Internet. Men don’t like bunny boilers.

Women’s Internet Dating Advantage

As a woman, you will be pursued by men. In other words, you will be doing less work as far as targeting men on Internet dating sites, but much more work in terms of answering emails. And believe me, even if you are not Megan Fox, and more like Ugly Betty, you will be bombarded by winks, hugs, emails and so on.

Big tip here – sit down with a trusted girlfriend to review the men that appeal to you the most. Better still, a great piece of online dating advice for girls is to have a chicks’ party and you and all of your girlfriends can go through the list of your potential online dating dream hunks! Then you can narrow the field down to something manageable.

Women’s Internet Dating Disadvantage

Your online dating disadvantage is this: women tend to be much more trusting than men when it comes to Internet dating. You must be on the lookout for men of the following types:

  • Insecure men
  • Mommy’s boys
  • Liars (about their age, job, criminal history etc)
  • Crooks and scammers
  • Violent men
  • Drunks and Substance Abusers
  • Assholes in general

These guys are rather plentiful on Internet dating sites, unfortunately, so all you women need to be on guard.

When you are meeting a man for the first time (and maybe even for the second or third time), always make sure it is a public place, and if possible have a friend or two (male is great) who can keep an eye on you.

Most times, though, the man you meet will be normal. You will know this, because you will – or at least should – have had many emails back and forth, perhaps online chat using Skype, and phone calls. All of this screening that you do should provide an idea of what this guy is like. So, let’s assume that he is normal.

Sex on the First Date?

You may or may not want to have sex on the first date, that is entirely up to you. But, at the very least, do not get roaring drunk on the first date and make the decision to have sex in an intoxicated state. Now, drunk sex can be fun, but usually with someone you have known for a long time and are very comfortable with. Just in case you get so horny that you cannot control yourself with your Internet date, then be sure to carry your own condoms of various sizes (his could be hung like a horse or a hamster, you never know. Or maybe you do if you have exchanged some sexy photos, which is highly possible in this day and age).

Finally, on safety, here are some mandatory procedures for women meeting men they have hooked up with through an online dating website:

  • Tell you friends where you are going
  • Get all of the guy’s contact details
  • Don’t give your home address or your work address
  • Don’t give any of your financial details – ever.
  • Have some mace or pepper spray in you purse (in places where this is legal)

So, there is your Internet dating advice for women as presented by Cam Langdon. From a guy’s point of view!

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