May 30, 2024
Dating Advice for Men

One of the greatest online dating tips for guys is to actively target older women – cougars – in order to significantly boost their online dating success.

You will find a lot of mature single women will be tech savvy, and that’s why heaps of them use online dating websites to meet younger guys.

By taking the simple yet effective step of homing in on the older women, your chances of scoring hot dates online will literally go through the roof.

So, let’s look at the five top reasons why these sexy, mature ladies are ideal targets on the Internet.

1.    More Experience

If you are a young man, no doubt you have had some very frustrating times trying to understand how a young woman’s brain works. The trouble is, you never will. They have too many things going on in their heads that you will never figure out. A lot of women from their teens right up until their mid to late 20s have not even decided what they want to be when they grow up. Even if they have already – at least physically – matured.

A woman aged from 30 up (that will do for a definition of an older woman) has already experienced life to a great degree, and is not going to be driving you bonkers with inane and childish talk about pop culture and the latest crazes. These older cougars have their heads screwed on right. The experience they have gained with men – sexual and psychological – means they already have you figured out.

They know that if you are a young buck, you will be expecting some fancy moves from her in the bedroom; she has these in bucket-loads thanks to her experience.

2.    Not as needy as younger women

Young girls tend to require affirmations 24/7. In other words, they want you to give them compliments all the time, to tell them things like, ‘No, your butt does not look big in those way-too-tight jeans’. You will be banned from even looking at any other sexy women who pass you in the street, because they ‘need’ all of your attention. She will be checking your emails, texts, tweets, Facebook status – just to make sure that her man is ‘toeing the line.’

With older women, such clingy and needy behavior is very rare. She wants you to be her toy boy, but mostly she doesn’t expect slavish devotion like the young girls do. And this will take the hassle out of your romantic liaisons with mature, sexy women.

3.    Financially stable

Many older ladies have already set themselves up in their careers, so there is a good chance the hot cougar that you met on a dating website will have plenty of cash and not be expecting you to fork out every time you go on a date together. This is great for your bank balance.

4.    Looking to spoil you

Related to the above, older women love to be seen out and about with young males hanging off their arm. It’s a kind of status thing for them. To go with this image, they might even deck you out in some expensive and fancy designer clothes, that you get to keep even if the relationship ends. Bonus!

5.    Higher sex drive

It is a known fact that women’s sex drives go up with age, and the perfect match is a mature cougar with a thumping libido and a younger guy with raging testosterone levels. An older woman’s need for sex can be a bit scary for young males, so be prepared for endless nights of passion between the sheets.

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