July 23, 2024

It has been said that women give sex to get love, and men give love to get sex.

On a purely molecular level, this may be true of men. However, is it not strange that some of the most romantic poetry, novels and music has been composed by men? Surely this is an expression of something a little deeper than the urge to get a leg over?

Sadly, though, men of this romantic nature are the exception rather than the rule. A dying breed. Most blokes these days are embarrassed by anything even remotely smelling of romance. For them, it’s bro’s before ho’s, mates before dates and so on. The brotherhood is growing stronger.

But guys, if it is more sex and physical attention from your womenfolk that you crave, it is not too much trouble to try a little romance now and again.

The secret is to try and make it as spontaneous as possible. If you limit your romantic gestures to her birthday, Valentine’s Day, other anniversaries and so on, then you are no different to the other guys who are, like sheep, buying the flowers on Valentine’s Day, the chocolates on her birthday, and the stuffed teddy bear on your anniversary.

No, be different. Buy your women a thoughtful gift on, oh, I don’t know, how about Martin Luther King’s birthday? Tell her it is symbolic of your love for her and your care for your fellow man, equality and peace on earth. She will love that!

Or, one weekend, voluntarily do every piece of housework there is – washing, ironing, cleaning – all before she wakes up. Do the following, too!

  • Put on a pot of coffee for the sexy aroma to waft around the house
  • Bring her breakfast in bed
  • Shower her with attention

If you do all of this only once a month, she will reward you with some of the best sex you will ever have. If not, maybe reassess your relationship, because it usually works a treat.

Remember, she will repay you in bucket-loads for your thoughtful and romantic gestures. It needn’t even cost you a penny – just do some stuff to make her life easier, and the pay-off will be well worth the effort.

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